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pee phone.

September 11, 2010

i’m unhappy. i dropped my phone in the toilet.

here’s the thing… i’m an upgrader. if i can upgrade, i do so the day i can. Whether with phones, getting my license, updates on my computer, oil changes, you name it.

downgrading is just not an option. it feels like i used to be able to do ANYTHING and now… nothin. i can hardly even send a text message. just this afternoon, i could no longer– locate the nearest subway, follow subway on twitter, find out what the wait times were on disney rides, take pictures, find out what time the world of color starts. i mean.. it’s just awful.

I’m glad Jordan and Lauren are engaged. Now Jordan’s officially allowed to participate in our girl talk.


Days 5, 6, & 7.

August 23, 2010

So we spent the weekend in Colorado visiting some Navy friends. Dad flew out friday to visit as well. It was a pretty good time, but I guess altitude makes you more tired. And since we’re hanging out at 6-8,000 ft., I’ve definitely been pretty tired.

So Friday I went to some random castle thing and had tea. It’s just one of those mom things. But Saturday we drove up to Pike’s peak which is the 2nd most visited mountain in the world… and I had never even heard of it. (The 1st most visited is Fuji). So we drove up the winding roads and, go figure, even with 2 dramamine I still felt like I needed to throw up. So eventually we make it to the top, (14,110 ft.), and we were CHUGGING water just to get enough oxygen in our bodies. weird eh? So we only stayed up there about 15 minutes. Long enough to take a picture, go to the bathroom, buy a postcard, and almost pass out. After that, we decided it’d probably be good if we left. I couldn’t believe it though… there were runners who were basically climbing up a mountain for miles with no oxygen. ridic. So I slept the whole way down, (since I had taken 2 dramamine). Then we went to garden of the gods… more rocks. And we finally got home, where I stayed while everyone went to some horse show. Quite an exciting weekend.

So today we got on the road again, after lots of tears from all of us when dad headed back to the airport. So we drove from Colorado Springs down to Durango, CO. And although it was a really really beautiful drive, it feels like forever on a 2 lane road when you can’t pass cars in front of you. So we took a detour to the Sand dune national park, checking 1 more off the list, and eventually made it to Durango. I have to say, it’s a pretty cool little town. Steam engines, trading posts, and really old smelly hotels. So I FINALLY got a pair of moccasins after 2 years of searching for “the ones”. So I’m pretty excited to bust those babies out soon. Other than that, it was a pretty relaxed night. And now… I’m going to bed.

Facts of the day:
338 miles, (2,091 total).
Probably 100 new orange & yellow cars. Apparently they’re a big deal in CO.
0 butterflies killed.
Music of the day: Abba, Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack
Plates to still find: Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana. Maybe one other that I forget.

Tomorrow– Mesa Verde, the 4 corners, and eventually the grand canyon.

Day 4.

August 20, 2010

day 4 was soooo long. it was another 7 hour drive, just like the 3 days prior. but man… it’s starting to take a toll on me. we drove through the rest of kansas and then into colorado. the second 1/2 of kansas all looked the same. and although it was still beautiful, it was long. it was pretty cool to see miles and miles of wind farms though.

colorado– i could EASILY move here. minus the fact that i’m allergic to pine. and minus the fact i can’t get enough oxygen in this altitude. and minus the fact i think my toes are going to freeze off and it’s july. but man, i love it here.

i can’t believe i’m ONLY 21 hours of driving and 1,200 miles away from being back in california. the anticipation is killing me.

Facts of the day:
417 miles (1,753 total).
2 new orange cars
1 yellow car
2 butterflies killed
music of the day: a plethora of country
favorite things about colorado: everything.

Day 3.

August 19, 2010

Today we drove through Missouri and Kansas. We stopped at the St. Louis arch for a bit… but it meant we didn’t get on the road till about 2. Mom drove through Missouri which was a nice break for me since Missouri is BOOOORING after leaving St. Louis.
Kansas was super pretty though. And it was a great day of driving 80mph without anyone in my way. Along the way we stopped in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s hometown and took some cool pictures… but then we didn’t get checked in until 10pm and didn’t eat dinner till 1030. But we do what we want.

Tomorrow– Colorado Springs.

Facts of the day:
422 miles driven (1,336 total)
1 new orange car
still 0 yellow cars
6 more butterflies killed. (+2 dragonflies and a million other bugs).
New state license plates: Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and South Dakota. (12 more to find).
Music of the day: Doobie brothers, Nsync, Backstreet boys
Favorite things about Kansas:
-they put their major city in another state (Kansas City, Missouri)
-rolling hills

Day 2.

August 18, 2010

Today we drove through 5 states. West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. I drove the whole way because mom gets mad really easily when she drives. Ha. But then I have to hear her gasp at everything! So far… that’s our only problem we have with each other. Hope it stays that way!
I really wish we had more time. We had to book it through Lexington and Louisville, and didn’t even have time to stop in Santa Claus Indiana! So sad. Facts of the day:
463 miles driven. (914 total)

1045am to 715pm.

0 new Orange cars

0 yellow cars.

9 more butterflies killed

Music of the day: Amos Lee.
Favorite thing about…

West Virginia- the people are so so nice.

Kentucky- people park wherever they want. Even if it blocks someone else in

Indiana- I can drive 80 and get passed by a cop going 95 and not get pulled over.

Illinois- no traffic. No construction.

Missouri- toasted ravioli, the arch, And Brittany Mccomb.

New state plates seen: Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia.

Tomorrow- Kansas city and Salina. A super boring drive.

Day 1.

August 16, 2010

today… we traveled through virginia and west virginia. the first 4 hours or so of the trip were in virginia… that was a breeze. the last 2 1/2 hours or so… felt like forever. wv is pretty and all, but its a loooong drive up and down through the hills. Poor Malcolm was having a rough time. But we made it.

Facts of the day:
451 miles driven
3 orange cars spotted
0 yellow cars spotted
approx. 10 butterflies killed
Weird names: Oilville, Goochland, Cowpasture River, Lake Moomaw.
Music of the day: pride and prejudice. J lo.
Amazing things seen: a truck overturned and everyone merging when a lane closed 1 mile ahead with only 1 cheater.
Quote of the day: Twitterpated butterflies… and I… killed them.
State license plates spotted: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin… and Quebec.

Tomorrow– Louisville and St. Louis.

another dream.

March 8, 2010

so i had another weird dream. i really do most of my dreaming in the morning once i’ve woken up and fallen back asleep. this morning, i woke up, helped jessica with something and went back to sleep… so i dreamed that i had woken up again, and walked into the hallway to find lauren’s bed in the hallway. i couldn’t figure out how she had moved the entire top 1/2 of the bunkbed down while i was sleeping.. but whatevs. so matt rongey and john enns were on the hall which i thought was weird since it’s a monday morning and many girls are running around getting ready. then some girl (who doesn’t exist) was walking around with no pants. i went to yell at her but she acted like i didn’t even exist. sup widdat? so jessica and i made them come into our room so they wouldn’t have to deal with crazy pantless girls. as soon as we walk into the room matt starts to spasm because he’d pricked himself with a safety pin. i could see his eyes rolling back into his head so i grabbed his shoulders and he fainted. then i woke up. random.

back to class.