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December 13, 2009

welp, it’s been several days since i’ve posted. so much for keeping up with this thing. umm… so while i was posting the last message on tuesday, i received an email saying that i’d received tickets to go to the sytycd tv taping. so within a matter of 30 minutes, i’d found people to take and all of my wednesday plans had been changed.

honestly, it’s a complete miracle we got through wednesday the way we did. i woke up with only about 4 hours of sleep at 5am… and we headed to LA. we got there and watched the morning taping and made new friends from USC. and saw a few rivals from APU. ha. we found out that you have to look like you’re 5 in order to get in the front. unfortunately, we actually look like college students. so we weren’t tooo far back. but ya know.

so as soon as the taping was over we booked it back to biola so kristIn could take a quiz and i could do an interview for smu. then we booked it right back to the studio. we made it back just in time to get back in. had there been any traffic, we wouldn’t have made it. so… it was amazing.

so this morning we had our stm staff christmas breakfast. a little family bonding time. so we went to mimi’s cafe. which was great. so we did a little secret santa gift exchange. and of course, i got my ex-fiancee christian. so since he’s had a paperclip in his ear for the past few weeks i got him new earrings. with it, i wrote him a note which said something to the extent of:

“i hope you think of me every time to you wear these. this ring is like an endless circle, just like our relationship. but seriously, we should probs break up. i hope you have an amazing christmas. i’ll miss you millions. love, your babes.”

so ryan had me. for my present, i got a 3 1/2 foot walking doll named olivia. needless to say, it’s REALLY creepy. but it was probably one of the most amazing presents i’ve ever gotten. and it was SUPER uncomfortable to open in the middle of mimi’s. we had a few people staring at us. i think what was even better was how all of the boys reacted to her when we took her out of the box. she really is super creepy. but i didn’t expect all of our boys to run away from her. oh well. so even though this isn’t olivia, this is kinda what she’s like. well, except olivia is even creepier.

lastly, we finally got all of our first day of school pictures from brittany. and honestly, i have some pretty beautiful friends. i mean, i’d love em no matter what. but they really are so beautiful.

that’s all.

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  1. laurenlilia permalink
    December 13, 2009 10:42 am

    sigh. you are beautiful too.
    oh, and i want to meet olivia!

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