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Blargg. power outage.

December 15, 2009


So… here we are. Once again. My air conditioner stopped. My charger won’t charge my computer. I don’t have internet. The lights won’t turn on. Aaaand the power is out. Oh, and I guess this technically isn’t a blog. It’s a word document. But what else am I supposed to do at 2:40 in the morning? Sleep? Puh. Lease.

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Lauren and I decided to go to bed about 2 hours ago… and that didn’t happen. Instead, we’ve talked about: lauren’s relationship, psychology of men, sorority life, farm town, best friendships, my incapability of speaking the English language, how old we are, spring break plans, interterm, andrea short, high school, graduating, headaches because of my pillow, boobs, missions conferences, my flight delays, what makes veronica angry, cars made in the 2000’s, competition, getting things stolen, etc.

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Sigh. So tonight I had to do a little meditation for my work and calling final. I’d never done this type of format in my one on one with G time. So the beginning of it started out with “relaxation techniques”. I fell asleep. So once Lauren came back to the room and woke me up, I got back to work. I’ve realized I have a problem with sleeping. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. And I’m pretty sure I can enter my REM within a matter of minutes. Abnormal. So anyway, apparently I sigh really loudly when I meditate. I guess I’d never really done much meditating in the presence of others before. But roomMate pointed it out to me. Interesting.

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Inspiration. I’m unsure where I’ve adopted the phrase “rull”. As in this test is “rull” hard. Or, this is a “rull” problem. But it came up several times over the course of the evening. You know how sometimes you hear your friends say phrases that you just adopt… this isn’t one of those.

Next paragraph.

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