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Dreams 6,7,8.. some.

February 18, 2010

1. I dreamed I was swimming in a lake and everywhere I went jaws popped up and ate a limb off of someone. but i was okay.

2. i dreamed Joy was a part of team Morocco with Kerri. But it was an all girls team, and they only made it to New Orleans, which was actually only a little park where they built a house.

3. i dreamed something else silly this morning. but i don’t remember what. but i’ve realized all of my best dreams happen in the morning right before i get up. i also talk in my sleep… but only in the morning. interesting.

i feel like i should start blogging things that matter again. but who knows that i’ll ever keep up with it.

last week i learned a lot of great stuff about God’s original intent for relationships, as well as what He expects of us both in terms of His original design and His expectations as a result of the fall. interesting stuff.

we had our staff retreat this past weekend and we talked a lot about what our biggest stresses are that we won’t let go, as well as our ultimate helplessness and neediness of God. It’s been really great praying completely and totally out of helplessness… as it should be. but i’m still really figuring out what God wants of me. in the meantime, i’m livin it up and giving the Lord as much joy as i possibly can in everything i do. i’m being useful of every second… whether doing classes, homework, work, or spending time with people.. i don’t want to waste time. if i’m with people, i don’t want to be off thinking about other things i have to do.

so, i’m going to end this now. i’m a little scattered. that’s one thing i won’t make time to do…a blog that makes sense. can’t win ’em all.

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