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God is alive and moving.

March 5, 2010

God is so so alive and moving.

I feel as though I have continually struggled in being able to quiet myself in order to clearly hear His voice. I’m learning.

Although I don’t allow Him to speak in the quiet, He is SOOO speaking in and through my life. This week I felt His hand so directly. He didn’t have to answer my request, but He not only answered it, He answered it beyond what I could have imagined Him to do. I can’t say much more about it, but man do I have so much joy just in seeing Him work in some minor detail this past week.

I have been able to recognize Him recently in the speech of others, and even in my own actions. I know that He continues to use me as a tool to bring glory to Himself. And I find so much joy and peace in each day knowing that I am utilizing the time that I have when He asks me to allow Him to use me. This has truly been one of the greatest times of my life recognizing the importance of doing everything for His glory. If that means putting aside homework to have great conversations with people, He’ll give me the strength and endurance to get it done. But I’ve learned to take every second as a precious moment in which He has purpose.

On another, but similar note, tonight was our staff info meeting.

I just can’t but be overjoyed when I hear and see others desiring to serve the Lord through seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. I know that not only has He given me the passion and heart for the lost and broken, but He has definitely given me a passion to encourage others as they seek to fulfill this same goal. I love my job.

And I just have to say, I am SO excited for missions conference. I’m excited partly because my ma finally gets to see first hand what Biola’s about and what I’ve been about these past 4 years. But I’m also more so excited to see what the Lord has in store for Biola during missions. He is so moving through our staff, especially as MC diligently continues to work to make everything come together. I’m just waiting, (completely impatiently I might add), for that week. Time to get that ooga-booga prayin goin on, as my mom would say. This thing needs to be bathed in it.

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