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another dream.

March 8, 2010

so i had another weird dream. i really do most of my dreaming in the morning once i’ve woken up and fallen back asleep. this morning, i woke up, helped jessica with something and went back to sleep… so i dreamed that i had woken up again, and walked into the hallway to find lauren’s bed in the hallway. i couldn’t figure out how she had moved the entire top 1/2 of the bunkbed down while i was sleeping.. but whatevs. so matt rongey and john enns were on the hall which i thought was weird since it’s a monday morning and many girls are running around getting ready. then some girl (who doesn’t exist) was walking around with no pants. i went to yell at her but she acted like i didn’t even exist. sup widdat? so jessica and i made them come into our room so they wouldn’t have to deal with crazy pantless girls. as soon as we walk into the room matt starts to spasm because he’d pricked himself with a safety pin. i could see his eyes rolling back into his head so i grabbed his shoulders and he fainted. then i woke up. random.

back to class.

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