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Day 2.

August 18, 2010

Today we drove through 5 states. West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. I drove the whole way because mom gets mad really easily when she drives. Ha. But then I have to hear her gasp at everything! So far… that’s our only problem we have with each other. Hope it stays that way!
I really wish we had more time. We had to book it through Lexington and Louisville, and didn’t even have time to stop in Santa Claus Indiana! So sad. Facts of the day:
463 miles driven. (914 total)

1045am to 715pm.

0 new Orange cars

0 yellow cars.

9 more butterflies killed

Music of the day: Amos Lee.
Favorite thing about…

West Virginia- the people are so so nice.

Kentucky- people park wherever they want. Even if it blocks someone else in

Indiana- I can drive 80 and get passed by a cop going 95 and not get pulled over.

Illinois- no traffic. No construction.

Missouri- toasted ravioli, the arch, And Brittany Mccomb.

New state plates seen: Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia.

Tomorrow- Kansas city and Salina. A super boring drive.

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