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Day 3.

August 19, 2010

Today we drove through Missouri and Kansas. We stopped at the St. Louis arch for a bit… but it meant we didn’t get on the road till about 2. Mom drove through Missouri which was a nice break for me since Missouri is BOOOORING after leaving St. Louis.
Kansas was super pretty though. And it was a great day of driving 80mph without anyone in my way. Along the way we stopped in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s hometown and took some cool pictures… but then we didn’t get checked in until 10pm and didn’t eat dinner till 1030. But we do what we want.

Tomorrow– Colorado Springs.

Facts of the day:
422 miles driven (1,336 total)
1 new orange car
still 0 yellow cars
6 more butterflies killed. (+2 dragonflies and a million other bugs).
New state license plates: Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and South Dakota. (12 more to find).
Music of the day: Doobie brothers, Nsync, Backstreet boys
Favorite things about Kansas:
-they put their major city in another state (Kansas City, Missouri)
-rolling hills

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