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Day 4.

August 20, 2010

day 4 was soooo long. it was another 7 hour drive, just like the 3 days prior. but man… it’s starting to take a toll on me. we drove through the rest of kansas and then into colorado. the second 1/2 of kansas all looked the same. and although it was still beautiful, it was long. it was pretty cool to see miles and miles of wind farms though.

colorado– i could EASILY move here. minus the fact that i’m allergic to pine. and minus the fact i can’t get enough oxygen in this altitude. and minus the fact i think my toes are going to freeze off and it’s july. but man, i love it here.

i can’t believe i’m ONLY 21 hours of driving and 1,200 miles away from being back in california. the anticipation is killing me.

Facts of the day:
417 miles (1,753 total).
2 new orange cars
1 yellow car
2 butterflies killed
music of the day: a plethora of country
favorite things about colorado: everything.

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