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we’re just ordinary people.

December 8, 2009

this morning, and most mornings, i woke up and was veeery sleepy. probs because my roomMate, andrea and i were goofin on bubbs chat until 2:30am and i had to wake up at 7. but as i woke up and started to get ready, i noticed a drastic change… when i first looked in the mirror i thought meh, this isn’t so bad. i could go to class like this. as i continued… i finally realized my hair was lumpy, and i had left over makeup dripping off of my face. what is it about first waking up that i really feel like meh, i could get away with this? is it the sleep in my eyes? is it lack of consciousness? is it laziness? unusual.

so here we are… watching “ordinary people” in therapeutic. gotta love those movies from the 1980’s. slightly cheesy, but they’re just so intense. and such great actors. i think we’ve gained quality of film and editing these days, but lost our actors. let’s be honest, zac efron doesn’t compare at all to cary grant. so we’re watching this movie to analyze the family and all of their psychological problems. aiiiiy. actually trying to put what we’ve learned into practice is so difficult. this is a big jump. this isn’t just class counseling. and it isn’t real life counseling either. but… i don’t know.

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  1. laurenlilia permalink
    December 10, 2009 10:45 am

    after all, we are all just ordinary people.

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